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Checks should be made out to “Engineering for Hope” and should be given to a local EFH representative or mailed to the following address:
Engineering for Hope
℅ Ashley Begley
1050 N Taylor St #306
Arlington, VA 22201
Cash donations are also accepted and should only be given to a local EFH representative (please do not send by mail). Please contact gro.e1601097115pohro1601097115fgnir1601097115eenig1601097115ne@et1601097115anod1601097115 for more information. Please note that no fees are assessed on cash or check donations.

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Engineering for Hope is a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code (you can verify our status here). All donations are tax deductible and no goods or services are provided to donors by Engineering for Hope unless otherwise stated on your donations receipt. Donation receipts will be sent following the closure of the fiscal year (email or mail – per donor request). Any donation related questions should be sent to gro.e1601097115pohro1601097115fgnir1601097115eenig1601097115ne@et1601097115anod1601097115.